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Med Pay? PIP? Dec pages? Insurance terms, explained.

With all kinds of different coverages for all kinds of different needs, insurance can be very confusing. And to make it even more challenging, at times it probably seems like insurance websites and policy documents are written in a completely foreign language. Of course, that's why we recommend working with an independent agent, like Alpine Insurance —someone who is on your side during the process and who can explain everything you need to know. Even if you do work with an independent agent, however, it's good to have a little basic knowledge about insurance. Below are definitions for some common terms that will help you understand your coverage a little better. General insurance terms Actua

Household Safety Tips Change With The Season

As days get shorter and nights get longer, our habits begin to change. Most of us typically spend more time hunkering down at home and less time frolicking at the lake or beach. That usually means resuming favorite fall pastimes like taking a stroll through the fall foliage or drinking a cup of warm cider or hot cocoa while visiting a local pumpkin patch with the family. Arriving along with the season of autumn is a host of safety hazards we didn’t have to think about over the summer, creating the need for a little extra vigilance. As the temperatures drop and you settle in for the approaching cold spell, consider the following pointers for ensuring you and your family stay not just warm, b