Safeco has partnered with Hartville Pet Insurance to offer a 12 month policy for your furry family member.

Pet health insurance is available to all dog or cat owners – and you do not have to be insured with Safeco to obtain a Hartville Pet Insurance Policy.

  • Dog or cat must be at least 8 weeks old at enrollment but there is no maximum age limit or restrictions on eligibility based on previous medical history.

  • Multiple pets receive a 10% premium discount.

  • Plans are customizable.

  • Plans are Accident Only and Complete Coverage (Accidents, Injuries, Illness).

  • Preventive Care can be added to either plan for additional premium.

  • All plans work as reimbursement percentage of actual charges on the invoice (70%, 80% or 90%) with annual deductible options of $100, $250, or $500.

  • Premiums are based on Age, Breed, Species, and Zip Code. Premium is not impacted by filing claims.