Get Affordable Car Insurance With Discounts from Nationwide

Dependable car insurance shouldn’t have to break the bank. That’s why Nationwide offers discounted rates on car insurance coverage and gives members a variety of ways to save. Learn more about our auto insurance discounts below and see if you qualify for an even more affordable rate. Get an online quote and start saving today with Nationwide.

Save with these car insurance discounts

Multi-Policy Discounts
Bundle your home, auto, life and other insurance policies with Nationwide and save with a discount.
Learn more about our multi-policy discount

SmartRide discount
Plug in, drive and start saving today. Earn discounts by joining our usage based insurance program that gives you feedback to make safer driving decisions.
Learn more about our SmartRide discount

Nationwide Family Plan
Share your discounts with other members of your household with our Family Plan. It’s an easy way for you and your loved ones to save.
Learn more about our Family Plan discount

Accident free discount
Nationwide rewards customers who are free of at-fault accidents and major violations. If you have at least 5 years of safe driving, you could be eligible for a more affordable car insurance rate.
Learn more about our safe driver discount

Paperless documents
Nationwide members who sign up for paperless documents may be eligible for a recurring discount on their auto policy.
Learn more about our paperless documents discount

Good student discount
Get an auto insurance discount when your teen earns a B average or above.
Learn more about our good student discount

Defensive driving discount
Complete an approved driver safety course and get a discounted rate on your car insurance. You may have to be over 55 to be eligible for this discount in your state.
Learn more about our defensive driving discount

Anti-Theft discount
For more affordable auto insurance, install an anti-theft device in your vehicle(s). You can earn a discount and stay safe.
Learn more about our anti-theft discount

Easy Pay sign-up discount
Save when you sign up for paperless billing and pay your bill by electronic funds transfer.
Learn more about our Easy Pay sign-up discount

Accident Forgiveness insurance
Discover how to keep your rates low in the event of an accident with Accident Forgiveness.
Learn more about Accident Forgiveness insurance

Affinity car insurance discounts
Save on your auto insurance if you are a member of a partner business or organization.