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Many motorcycle insurance policies are similar to an auto insurance policy. They will include bodily injury and property damage liability. Some of the additional motorcycle insurance options that you can sign up for include: medical payments, comprehensive and collision coverage. An uninsured motorist coverage will ensure that you have the coverage you need should you or your motorcycle be hurt by someone that does not carry insurance or does not have enough insurance to cover your injuries. 


There are many different factors that insurance companies in Spokane will take into consideration when providing insurance for a motorcyclist. 

The factors that we consider while comparing policies are:

  • Driving record

  • Credit History

  • Your Age, Address

  • The Type of Motorcycle

  • The Number of Drivers


There are many discounts that can lower your motorcycle insurance premium in Washington & Idaho. 

Some of the qualifications for these requirements include: 

  • Multiple policies with a company

  • Safety courses that you may have taken

  • Renewals

  • Insurance on more than one motorcycle