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5 Power Tool Safety Tips

When it comes to power tool safety, there’s a simple way to think about it: Use your head, keep your fingers.

All joking aside, it’s extremely important to your entire well-being to use power tools with the utmost of care. Here’s how:

1. Read all about it. You love the feeling of firing up and wielding a tool that’s abuzz with power. Just don’t do so until you’ve read the instructions. The instructions will help you get the most out of your tool, both in terms of safety and performance.

2. Take notes. When you get a new tool, jot down the details and add the notes to your home inventory. Include a description, serial number and a copy of the receipt if you have it, because it will all come in handy if your tools are ever stolen, or damaged in a fire or other disaster. Not big on writing? Photos or videos are great, too.

3. Get to work. Finally, it’s time to work, so long as you’ve got the right safety gear. This may include: eye and ear protection; a mask or respirator if the project will kick up a lot of dust or other fine debris; and protective clothing that isn’t loose.

4. Don’t rush. Working too quickly can lead to injuries. Always stay in control by making sure your work area is stable and clean. Use both hands to operate your power tools, and avoid distractions while you work. Don’t ever use powerful tools if you’re tired, sick or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only will you jeopardize your safety, you probably won’t be happy with your work.

5. Take good care of your tools. Keep your tools clean and stored in a safe, secure area. Replace parts, such as blades, as soon as they become bent or warped, and don’t ever use tools that have been damaged. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, along with using a little common sense, should help ensure your tools remain in good working order for years to come. Let’s hope that deck you’re building will, too.

It’s hard to imagine a time before power tools existed – think of all the calluses! Just be sure to wield the power responsibly each and every time you tackle a new project on your Washington home.

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