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Washington and Idaho Teen Drivers Mutual of Enumclaw and Alpine Insurance Inc Spokane WA

Give teens the driving experience they need.

We believe that helping teens become better, safer drivers is the best and most thoughtful way to address the “sticker shock” often found with teen driver insurance rates.

Reduce risk and get better rates with teenSMART® driver training.

teenSMART® is a computer-based driver safety program that combines interactive lessons and real-world activities. Upon successful completion of the teenSMART® program, listed household drivers up to the age of 21 will receive a significant discount on their auto policy.

Mutual of Enumclaw members can enroll at the reduced price of $69.95.

Alpine Insurance can help determine the right combination of insurance products for you and your family. We can explain coverage options and help identify any available discounts. Give us a call at 509-325-7350 or email us at


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